At Matcon Terminal we
process, store, and distribute
liquid asphalt.

Located adjacent to Port Everglades ,Fort Lauderdale, FL.

About Us

The plant sits on approximately 6
acres of land.


We thrive to provide excellence.

Products & Services

Raw materials are shipped to the plant via trucks and ships/barges.

We strive to provide excellence by always working to deliver the greatest asphalt quality of service and products to our customers.

Matcon Terminal is a wholesale distributor of Paving and Roofing Products manned 24-7, depending on the needs of customers.


The Plant has multiple tanks, with a capacity in the millions of gallons. We loads and unloads trucks 24-7, or as needed.

At Matcon Terminal we evaluate every situation and make smart decision based on good values and ethics because we consider this is the foundation of a strong relationship with customers, which directly impacts the success and stability of our company.


​Experienced professionals and skilled team members keep our business moving. You will become that key we need at our company to continue to grow and evolve.​ If you are a professional in any of these branches, contact us to be part of our team!

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