Matcon Terminal Asphalt Plant at 1200 SE 20th Street -Fort Lauderdale, Florida is located adjacent to Port Everglades.

Port Everglades is ranked as the twelfth leading container port in the US, moves 25 million tons of cargo through it annually. Every day, about 12.5 millions gallons of petroleum products are delivered on tankers to Port Everglades.

Port Everglades is the primary storage and distribution depot for refined petroleum traffic in South Florida.


Matcon Terminal Asphalt Plant was built in the early to mid 1950s and acquired by Matcon in 2006. The plant sits on approximately 6 acres of land which includes approximately 25,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space.

Matcon Terminal has 27 storage tanks with combined minimum gross capacity of approximately 206,000 barrels. Tanks are used for finished goods, blended products, and raw material.

Raw materials, arriving at the Port by ship or barge, are transferred through the plant’s underground pipeline, approximately 4,000 feet in length, which runs from Port Everglades’ dock to the plant tank. Raw materials, such as mineral spirits are received by truck.

  • Matcon Terminal is a wholesale distributor of Paving and Roofing Products manned 24-7, depending on the needs of customers.
  • We have two berths in Port Everglades, that can receive both Barges and Ships. We also have a 12” ship line that connects each Berth to the Plant.
  • The Plant has multiple tanks, with a capacity in the millions of gallons. We loads and unloads trucks 24-7, or as needed.